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  • Murphy Hueston

Getting Away from the 9:5

Go to school, graduate, get a job, and work until retirement. I hadn’t seen anything else and figured that would be the pattern I followed. My parents did it, my grandparents did it, and why would I be different? Up until a few months ago, I had been in the 9 to 5 race, spending most of my day tethered to a desk and waiting for the end of my shift. The hours I had off from work always felt too short and the next workday loomed ahead. I wasn’t miserable but I certainly wasn’t enthused about the future.

My golden ticket came in the form of a conversation with a friend and mentor who offered me the chance to work for him. My mentor had been in a similar situation at one point and took the necessary steps to change that by creating his own company. There was a certain level of apprehension leaving the comfort of my 9 to 5 but I knew something had to change. Fast forward to now and I work for LIMITLESS CONNECT, a digital solutions startup and I couldn’t be happier.

LIMITLESS CONNECT offers various services such as software development, global staffing, and cloud migration. We can get you to the cloud in no time!

It’s been a change of pace and most days has me working on something new. We have a small but capable team and individual efforts are noticeable in our day-to-day success. The people who make up LIMITLESS CONNECT wear several hats and are quickly adaptable to change, a necessity considering how quickly technology evolves.

The Covid-19 Global Pandemic has positioned working from home as a welcomed change for my family. There are numerous benefits to working from home but the most important to me is that I’m more available for my family. The lulls that happen throughout the workday are the perfect opportunity to spend time with the wife and kids. A great morale boost leading to an increase in productivity.

You may compare getting out of the 9-5 to sailing on uncharted waters. You are uncertain what lies ahead, but you can steer the ship in the direction which you see fit. You’ll see the impact of your actions on a much larger scale. It’s horrifying, but if you put in effort and dedication, you’ll definitely reap what you sow.

Written by Murphy Hueston


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