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  • Johnny Alcantara

Global Staffing: A glimpse of working from the Philippines?

For the past decade, global staffing has been a growing sourcing strategy in countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia, to name a few. Having worked in large technology companies as a remote global employee myself, I wanted to divulge the benefits of why companies should opt for global staffing from countries like the Philippines.

1. Strong Work Ethic and Service

It is typical for my US employers to complement that the Filipino work ethic, dedication, and service orientation are top-notch, and I couldn’t agree more. We are known for our hospitality. That same warmth and problem-solving mentality are apparent in our work. I enjoy building strong relationships with everyone I encounter. There are some collaboration tools that I love using to keep myself and my counterparts in touch (Zoom and Google Meet are my favorites!). These tools allow me to meet colleagues and clients face to face, despite being on opposite sides of the world (especially during a pandemic). I find it easier to engage with people when I see their emotions and reactions, making work more collaborative and productive. And leading into my next bullet, there is no lag time because, despite different time zones, I tend to work the same business hours as my employers.

2. Fast Turnaround Time and Schedule Flexibility

I enjoy working a lot with US teams because the evening shift gives me fewer disruptions here, increasing my productivity. Plus, I can take care of important matters or errands that are mostly only open during the day without foregoing any vacation time to accomplish simple things like doctor appointments, etc. And because only a few will even consider working late evenings, it makes me even more valuable, especially when the US goes on holiday and I can cover for them remotely. It’s a win-win situation for everyone! I know my US counterpart appreciate that I can cover work during their midnight hours since it is the day time on my side of the world.

3. English Is Our Second Language

I once read that the Philippines has had an American influence since the early 1800s. I was taught the English language at an early age because it is a required subject from pre-school through college, both in public and private schools. I also grew up watching American movies on HBO and TV series such as Friends, Ally McBeal, and much more. (I think I just exposed my age, ha.) Now, I’ve been binge-watching a lot of Netflix since the quarantine started. This has helped me understand different cultures.

4. Large Talent Pool

As a remote global employee, I have held many different positions from sales support, technical support, global operations analyst, and now to a project manager. I have worked with various departments, including software developers/engineers, web developers, human resources and project management office. Our country has one of the strongest and highly diverse talent pools because there are thousands of universities nationwide, which graduate approximately 700,000 students every year. Education is a major part of Filipino culture. I was raised with very strict parents in terms of my studies, and they would do everything for me to make sure I finished. And since we, Filipinos, value our families, I made sure that I honored that commitment. The culture and values that I mentioned above translate into the workplace as well. We, Filipinos, always demonstrate a strong commitment to our team and team members... having them is like an extension of our family.

5. Security

Global staffing in the Philippines has been here for decades, and I believe our country has created a strong regulatory environment to protect highly sensitive client data. When I work with clients outside of the Philippines, I make sure my training on their policies and procedures regarding confidentiality is up to date. Most employers require us to use a VPN/secured network to send or receive data and ensure that firewalls are installed properly on our computers. Like any other hiring process, I am always subject to background checks to confirm my validity.

6. Reduce Labor Cost

The cost of living here in Manila is 10x cheaper than in the US. You can buy a decent meal for just a few dollars and rent a fully furnished condo unit for $300USD/month (depending on which city you are in... it can be even cheaper in the provinces). So whether you’re a small, medium, or large-sized enterprise, you can save up to 60% more than hiring an employee in the US. And most importantly, because of bullet numbers 1 & 4, you are not sacrificing quality by choosing workers in the Philippines. Global staffing isn't just about extending physical boundaries. It's about redrawing those boundaries while maintaining knowledge and expertise.

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