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  • Patrick Ceniza

Pat's Limitless Journey: Year One

It is a mixed bag.
During our Squad Meeting a month with Limitless Connect

August 3rd, 2020 – My first day with Limitless Connect (LC). I remembered it vividly. We started the team call with four (4) participants – Chris, Jojo, Johnny, and me. Three of them had video, but I had none since my 4-year-old desktop PC had no camera. As the meeting begins, I started jotting down notes. I have come across those notes and started reminiscing. Here are two (2) of the points Chris mentioned during that meeting.

First Day Notes!

  • ‘Celebrate F*ck Ups!’ – We are only human. We are not perfect. We f*ck up. Chris pointed out. It’s a reminder that we should avoid being hard on ourselves, and treat mistakes as areas for learning and improvement. We help each other in becoming better versions of ourselves as we learn from our mistakes. It helps us achieve personal & professional growth.

  • ‘Get uncomfortable’ – As we begin our journey with Limitless Connect, we will be uncomfortable. We adapt and learn from being uncomfortable. It shakes things up and puts you into a different perspective.

We transitioned from ordinary employees to entrepreneurs that day.

Before I joined Limitless Connect, it was different. My mental health was critical. My career was at a plateau. Anxiety & Negative Self-Talk was rampant which led me to question everything. My calls for help were dismissed and downplayed forcing me to brush everything under the rug. I felt like a moron. I didn’t want to leave because of the friends I have gained; however, I needed to close the chapter and move forward.

I decided to move forward with Limitless Connect. I still get those episodes of self-doubt, anxiety, and negative self-talk, but the biggest difference is that I gained a strong support system through my peers. They did not enable me to dwell on it but helped me to be resilient. This is personal growth.

I started to be aware. I attentively listened and observed during meetings. We wear different hats provided we are a small team. I realized that there are several moving parts to keep a company in its optimal running condition; variables to consider, and viable product or service to sell. It’s a lot different in comparison with my previous work. Sales and Marketing are integral roles to keep the ‘word’ out there.

Limitless Connect is a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VSOB) based in Indiana which specializes in Contact Center Deployment, Application Development & Support, and Global IT Staffing. Our company emphasizes the talents and high-touch CX (Customer Experience) of Filipino IT professionals. We have partners with big names in the Contact Center industry such as Genesys (PureConnect & Genesys Cloud CX) & SharpenCX to name a few. We have the capability of migrating you to the cloud or help in building your new contact center. You may visit for more details.

Limitless Connect's Rockstar Team!

Our small group had grown from a four (4) member team to ten (10) after a year since its inception. Everyone has their own distinct talent and capability. When lockdown restrictions were less strict, I always look forward to working at our office. As members arrive, we start chatting, laughing, and working. It doesn’t feel like work when we are together. Our love for Korean Barbeque has filled our dinner time together with the constant laughter and stories. We get the chance to know each other outside the office. There were times that we find ourselves filling the room with laughs, and stories about work, self-care, K-Pop, chill music to Pop Culture. Good thing we weren’t getting reprimanded for the noise. It feels like we’re a group of millennials hanging out.

My Year One with Limitless Connect has been interesting. It’s a combination of ups and downs. Still battling those silent battles, but I am slowly winning most of them. No regrets. I’m grateful that I have decided to join Limitless Connect. The learnings and discoveries don’t stop at Year One. It’s for the long run. It is a continuous process of celebrating f*ck ups, small & big wins, and being uncomfortable to grow as seasoned entrepreneurs.


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