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  • Chris Howe


Welcome to our first weekly post on the OUR LIMITLESS VOICE blog. The LIMITLESS CONNECT team is excited to share our stories as we evolve, individually and collectively, as a business. This will be a space to share our experiences and insights as entrepreneurs, business leaders, global resources, and advanced cloud solution architects... with rotating team members providing a unique topic each week.

Meet the Core Team

Chris Howe, President, will share his perspective on business leadership approaches and trends. His ultimate goal is to “extract every ounce of productivity and value from my team, while still having them love and respect me as a person.” Chris has served as a leader in the US Military and was an executive at a software company with 5k+ employees and $1.5B in annual revenue.

JoJo Baldeo, Director - Solution Architecture, will share insights on our technology strategies. He aims to provide IT decision-makers alternative technologies to maximize business outcomes using various architectures and frameworks. We believe there is no such thing as “one size fits all” in providing Enterprise digital solutions. JoJo brings LIMITLESS CONNECT more than 20 years of experience in several IT fields, primarily focusing on network security, application development, database clusters, business intelligence, data warehousing, multi-cloud technology, and IP telephony.

Johnny Alcantara, Program Manager, will share his thoughts on the advantages and challenges of working with multicultural teams while providing keys to maximizing teamwork through diverse points of view. He will also highlight the importance of effective collaboration and how it has improved with new remote engagement tools such as video conferencing as well as organizational tools like Trello. Johnny has 10+ years of experience working for large IT companies as an offshore employee.

Patrick Ceniza, Telephony Architect, will write about his first-hand experience of taking the leap to leave a comfortable job at a large software company to join a start-up and become an entrepreneur with LIMITLESS CONNECT. He will share both the mental and emotional affects while highlighting his personal growth along the way.

Our Values

We believe each day is an opportunity to serve and continually evolve our personal and professional skill sets. LIMITLESS CONNECT was started to create business efficiency solutions that help make better work/life balance for those we serve. Our ultimate goal is to provide compassionate and collaborative customer experiences that surpass expectations while demonstrating empathy, leadership, patience and professionalism with all of our partnerships.

Our Call to Action: Jump to Cloud Telephony

As an organization, our current focus is to leverage our experience in the call center telephony industry to help contact centers advance their customer engagement capabilities. We have significant experience implementing customers to various Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platforms. If you do not already have a preferred CCaaS vendor in mind, we will work with you to determine which vendor is the best fit for your business needs. To help eliminate any cost barriers with advancing a call center business to a recommended platform, we provide our implementation services at no cost. For more information, reach out to us today!


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