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  • Patrick Ceniza

Pat's Limitless Journey

Hey Guys! My name is Pat! I like cars, iPhones, and K-Pop (Korean pop music). Eight years after college, I found myself in a very perplexing dilemma: stay put at my current job or join an interesting start-up called LIMITLESS CONNECT. When I first thought of a start-up, I pictured a group of friends working on a “thing” outside their parent’s garage that would eventually become the “next big thing,” with an awesome video montage included. I chose the LIMITLESS CONNECT path, and I cannot believe that I am part of a start-up that is quickly evolving into that “next big thing.”

Why did I write this?

  1. To provide a guiding light: Like a lighthouse, this entry will guide where we are headed. Steering us away from shallow, perilous, rocky coasts and off to the open sea of opportunities that LIMITLESS CONNECT offers.

  2. A memory: I think it would be neat to read something from the beginning of this LIMITLESS journey after 3, 5, or even 10 years… similar to a time capsule. I am pretty sure that I will be hysterically laughing and greatly humbled to see how far we have come.

I did not initially accept the first offer at LIMITLESS CONNECT. During the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in the Philippines, I debated leaving my safe job to seek out this “crazy idea.” The projects piled up for my current company since everyone was now being driven to the cloud, and I recognized that I was very blessed that I even still had a job while the whole world was on pause and other people were being laid off because of COVID-19. My parents were especially hesitant since the pandemic had taken away their jobs and forced their early retirement, leaving me as the only employed person in the house. I, too, hopped on the bandwagon of fear and anxiety. There were so many unanswered questions, and job security was certainly one of them. If the pandemic did not happen, I most likely would not have been so reluctant to join a start-up, but this was an unprecedented time. I had bills to pay and obligations that required some financial stability. So, I decided that the timing was not right for me to join LIMITLESS CONNECT.

A week had gone by, and I was starting to regret my decision. I spoke to my best friend, who is a blunt and honest person. She did not waste a minute telling me I was making a bad mistake. She knew what I had gone through the past year, and a little push was all I needed to get out of that slump. While preparing for a meeting, I got another message from LIMITLESS CONNECT. Chris talked some real sense into me, and I finally went with what I initially wanted… to be a part of the team.

As I waved goodbye to my colleagues, managers, and friends, I was excited to start my new journey. I didn’t want to leave my previous employer, but I needed to get out there to see that there is life outside that small bubble I was stuck in for 5 years. I am now on the other side, and after five eye-opening months, I am constantly challenged, but my confidence has grown exponentially, as has my character. Comparing my 2020 self to my 2019 self is like night and day.

LIMITLESS CONNECT offers various services such as software development, staff augmentation, and cloud migration. We can get to the cloud in no time! (shameless plug.) And a start-up will expose your vulnerable side. You sometimes ask yourself, ‘Why am I doing this?’ as you perform multiple roles that you haven’t normally done in the past. BUT I have found a good support system with our team, which is key to good company culture. One of the best things I’ve learned in this journey so far is that you need to be in certain predicaments to develop the appropriate skills. I remember during my first day, a colleague said something that stood out to me, “Celebrate F#&K-UPs, learn from them, and see how you can improve.” You can celebrate those difficult days, just the same as those good days. And a start-up can’t be compared to a video game like City Skylines or Sim City. There are no money cheats. You have to continuously find ways to generate revenue AND maintain it. I am quickly learning how to smoothly run a company. You need funds, equipment, a revenue stream, and most importantly, talent. It’s not easy, but I am much happier because I am with the right people. We all help one another. And you learn how to be resilient since there is no way around it but to be successful. And you don’t get success overnight... unless you post a viral blog… or TikTok.


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